Why repair your windshield?


#1.   It will save you money.  Generally it will cost you nothing.  Most Insurance Companies waive your

        deductible and pay a vendor fee to us for the repair. You pay nothing and just sign the invoice. We even

        file your claim for you electronically.   

#2.   It saves you time.  It takes only 15 minutes to do a mobile chip repair (about 30 minutes for a 18 inch


#3.   If you don’t repair, it will generally spread, costing you hundreds of dollars more for a new windshield.  

        Cracked or chipped windshield's can worsen by the natural vibrations occurring while driving. Extreme

        temperatures, hot or cold, put a tremendous stress on chipped or cracked windshields which can result in

        further damage.  So do your best to get it repaired before leaving your vehicle in direct sunlight on a hot

        summer day or washing it on a hot day or defrosting your windshield to quickly on a cold day.

#4.   Windshields containing damage within the driver's line of sight should be replaced.

        Such windshields are a hazard since the driver's vision can be impaired by them.

#5.   It is safe.  Repairing your windshield restores the structural integrity to keep it from spreading. 

#6.   Better Appearance:  Though cracks never disappear completely, they do diminish greatly, so your

        windshield will look much better. 



Safeguards and Warranty


After Your Windshield  REPAIR

1.   Appearance: Chips and cracks diminish but never disappear completely. There will always be some residual effect or scar tissue, even after the finest repairs. 

2.   Precautions? Once the repair is finished, there are no other precautions you need to take. 

3.   Resin: Our resin is an epoxy that does not yellow after time. 

4.     LifetimeGuarantee:  We guarantee the repair for as long as you own your vehicle. Should it continue to grow, we will repair it free or give you full credit of the cost of the repair toward a new windshield. 


After Your Windshield  REPLACEMENT

 1.   Cure Time Warning:  The adhesives used to install your windshield are designed to meet federal safety standards for retention in the event of a collision or rollover.  It is critical that you not operate your vehicle until the adhesive cures or the windshield may not remain in position during a collision or rollover or if the passenger side airbag is deployed. Failure to observe the Safe Drive Away Time may result in serious injury or death, in the event of an accident. 

2.   Air Pressure Caution:  For the first 24 hours, open a side window before closing your door. If you “close” the door with all windows up, the air pressure may cause a leak through the adhesive. 

3.   Do not power wash car for first 24 hours in any manner. Rain or moisture have no effect.

4.   Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol for the first 48 hours following installation. 

5.   Tape removal: if retention tape was used to secure the molding, it should be removed after 24 hours. We’d be more than happy to do it for you. 

6.   Rock Damage Caution:  When you do get chips or cracks, call immediately.  The best repairs are made to chips that have never been contaminated by dirt or water. 

7.   Lifetime Guarantee:  We guarantee your windshield replacement for as long as you own your vehicle. Should it leak, just call, we will repair it free of charge to your satisfaction. 


        Thank You!

          Steve Hughes, Owner 

          NGA Certified Auto Glass Technician  

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